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When do I need a survey on my boat?

We require a full out of water survey carried out by a qualified marine surveyor when a craft is 30 years old.

A  full survey should be an exhaustive inspection covering every detail affecting the boat’s condition and safety including a thorough evaluation of the hull, all onboard systems, the structural integrity of all components, the extent of existing problems, suggestions for upgrades and needed repairs with the surveyor's recommendations stipulated with time scales.  We would require an ultrasonic hull plate thickness report for a steel hull. We also require an estimate of the vessel’s Current Market Value.

We may accept a survey that has been carried out within the last 10 years provided it is in English and all the above conditions are met.

If you have purchased a new policy from us which has a condition that a survey is required you will be asked to upload the survey within 14 days. If the survey is not received in this time period or if the survey is not a ‘full’ survey as described above we will cancel the policy from inception and refund your payment.