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What are the boating rules surrounding coronavirus?

Not sure what the rules are surrounding boating during the coronavirus pandemic?

Due to the current Government guidelines implemented on 5th January 2021, the rules now state you must not leave your home except where necessary. This means boating clubs with indoor or outdoor facilities must close and while the case of marinas remaining open has not been explicitly addressed, the Yacht Harbour Association has advised marina operators not to encourage berth holders to visit their boats or grant public access.

As of January 2021, recreational boating is considered to be a form of daily exercise. However, this means you must be able to collect and launch your vessel from a publicly accessible place and you must not leave your local area. If you do not live close to a stretch of water and usually travel to sail, under the current guidelines, this is not permitted. You must also check with the local authorities to see if your local waterway currently permits boating.

For further information on what this means for recreational sailing, please visit the RYA’s COVID-19 FAQs.